Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

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Re: Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

Douglas69 wrote:

The first thing you need to be aware of is that black and white photos look like photocopies. To get those beautiful silver like black tones reminisent of traditional chemical prints you need to print in colour mode. Why? Because the beautiful B&W prints made with inkjets are not made by using black ink but a combination of colours and shades of gray.

Not sure what makes you say that. The consensus in the "serious" B&W printing community is that you should use as little colour ink as possible. For a start the use of colour mode increases the risk of colour casts and metamerism in your B&W prints. On top of that, colour inks are less stable over time which increases the risk of colour casts in the future.

The ABW mode uses only the (very small) amount of colour ink needed to "neutralise" the blacks and has been shown to be more light-stable than colour prints using the same ink set. The other advantages of ABW are deeper blacks and better linearity so you win all round.

Any ink maker who tells you not to use their inks to print B&W whilst in colour mode do not produce exact replica inks. I won't go into the manufacturer V aftermarket inks except to say that the native ICC (colour)  profiles supplied with printers may not be perfect for so called "master Photographers" but they do guarantee you'll get good to excellent results on paper with the same coating types as the manufacturer's papers.

Everything else will need you to either invest in a print colour profiler (very expensive) or pay someone to profile the ink/paper combination for you if you expect the same results as from OEM inks.

There I do agree with you. To get the very best results from third-party inks a custom profile is necessary. But with Epson ABW you can get pretty good B&W just with a little experimentation on one sheet of A4.

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