X10 Firmware 2.0 Review and sample photos

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Re: X10 Firmware 2.0 Review and sample photos

PAUL TILL wrote:

Surely it would have been better and more logical if Fuji assigned the FN button by the shutter release to the Q menu.

It would drive me round the bend having a button labelled RAW that didn't enable RAW. Can you imagine driving your car, you turn on the lights and the stereo comes on.



I totally agree with this statement.  Fuji are the 'nearly' men.  They are bringing to market outstanding contributions such as the X line up, yet the cameras are flawed, flawed in such an obvious way it beggars belief.  (though i've tried but not bought the  pro1 yet and think this may actually be a 100% one).

Yes, it is obvious that you should leave the RAW button alone, but unfortunately the assignment of the Q button is an after thought and it is though the best position for the Q button.   The recent (though welcome) lens promotion for the Pro1 is another example of how Fuji operate.  It's all a little too much ad hoc, this time on pricing and structure....at the expense of early adopters.

Other than this and more, the X cameras are the best thing to happen to the market in a long time.

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