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Re: Lets get back to business

I live in Europe and I must say that I don't see this problem everyone is complaining about.
I have no problem finding and trying both Pentax and Ricoh cameras in the local stores. The local Mediamarkt is the easiest as they have a "touch and try" display including all Pentax DSLR´s and the GXR. There are two "brick and mortar" stores in the city center (100 000 inhabitants). I usually only visit one. They don't have the GXR on display but the GRD has a prominent place among the compacts where you can find Ricohs other compacts as well. The salespeople are actively pushing the GRD a bit to hard in my opinion. It is a niche camera and not for everyone after all. My few visit in the other show a nice display of Pentax DSLR´s but I haven't looked around for any Ricoh products. Friends tell me that they have practically everything if you ask.

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