E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

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Re: E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

Vlad S wrote:

I just did an update, and I have just one before and after shot at ISO 3200. It looks like the banding with the Panasonic 20mm lens is significantly reduced. I still have to transfer images to the computer, but for those who are still planning to do the update, do take test shots before the update.



unlucky I can confirm to you that even with firmware 1.5 the issue is still present (and it's not mentioned as solved in the firmware release notes too).

As per my direct experience the 20mm still exibit noticeable banding at high iso and, in addition, the Panasonic lenses are effected by a variety of more or less annoying issues like rattlesnake noises, AF quirks, occasional camera freezes, and burst rate decrease due to slow iris actuator speed stopping down.

For more details, you can look at several consecutive post I wrote here (including a downloadable RAW and JPEG 20 1.7 iso6400 banding example):



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