The Sigma approach is finally getting the recognition due...

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Denial-ism reigns...

The Sigma/Foveon has its strengths but also its weaknesses. To make the blanket statement that it espouses the highest image quality is a fool's claim. It needs a context.

Yes, in good full spectrum light it's phenomenal, falling apart in the other situations. The fact you get color constancies issues sometimes even at ISO 100 should already be a clue you can't make that claim as a blanket statement.

So to be clear, I think it's great Sigma is getting the recognition of *when* it is good (and if you look around at several of the positive reviews of the DP2M, they put this in context). But it's when we jump to the whole "unilateral highest image quality" and "all that matters" that we have crossed into ridiculous territory.

To name a few more things- some professionals will prefer the superb image quality some other options can provide (yes, there are other options that can have superb image quality, imagine that)., with a far better workflow because they have a business to run.

Some other shots you don't get the dynamic range nor tonality of some of the better 14-bit raw sensors.

It depends what kind of photography you are doing. And I am glad the Sigma Foveon exists as an option but it's not going to be the ultimate destination for many equipment wise since the so called "ultimate image quality" is in a very limited context.

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