Time Machine: Disaster recovery or incremental data backup...???

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Re: Time Machine: Disaster recovery or incremental data backup...???

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If you are doing a TM restore it will overwrite the entire HD.  No need to reformat.

Which I didn't know the one time I did a TM restore and ended out wiping out my entire hard drive (not all of which was backed up on TM.) Fortunately I had just backed up everything to Crash Plan (www.crashplan.com) and I was able to restore my hard drive without losing a thing. Time Machine will never see the light of day on my Mac again.

So, does "Restore" mean something different with CrashPlan than Time Machine? I always thought "restore" meant to return my system to a previous state with a loss of all changes since the backup. But, maybe that's just the way I learned it from Time Machine.

With Crashplan you can pick and choose how much of the backup you want to restore. You can chose where you want them restored to (original location, desktop, specific folder, et). It is VERY versatile. You can backup external drives, you can backup to external drives. It saves multiple revisions of your files. It displays a hierarchy of your backup in list view just like on your Mac. When I was originally looking into online backup, I looked at Carbonite and found it overpriced and NOWHERE as versatile as Crashplan (IIRC, it wouldn't let me backup an external drive)

I run a small backup to my external, and I backup everything online. The only downside is that it took a month of continual running to backup EVERYTHING online, but once it was done, it was done, with incremental backups running daily. It runs seamlessly in the background - you never have to know it's there until you need it.

I am a VERY happy crashplan customer.

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