HOT: Magic Lantern cracks the Canon EOS 7D!

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re: initial state of settings and minor ML version differences ?

epl17d50 wrote:

Hi again jpr2

Thanks for your time man.

My being afraid to fiddle around got the better of me.

Anyway to make a short story a bit longer - I was frustrated after more than a dozen tries. I wondered why in the ML video the LCD instantly went to live view after installation while mine went sensor cleaning. And after which there was no way I could get into an ML view. The delete button flashed something and it went straight into the ML menu.

I suspected that either my delete button was already bad or that my CF cards were already old. So I went to buy a new card and then repeated the procedures. The same result.

I gave up and just idly fiddled around with the left buttons until I got into the info button. I pressed it mindlessly until voila! the magic lantern screen appeared.

Lesson learned: A little curiosity can help.

so all in all we all have learned - hard as I try it was not possible for me to replicate your results = obviously the initial state of configuration of various settings in which 7d is powered ON counts a lot, and perhaps while we both downloaded the same alpha ML software, there might be differences in the actual version as folks over there are working on it pretty hard


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