Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

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Re: Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

Another very good ABW-ink is the latest's IRK4-nano Vivid. Well that is: the latest, as strangely enough does not label their bottles and I suggest you to ask explicitely for their latest batch. The problem is their prior batch will cause a strange greenish cast in the ABW-mode. I had some minor clogging problems with my previous older batch with the PK and C in my Epson Pro 3800. despite the very good gamut, so I changed to the OCP K3 pigment ink, but this ink suffers from a dramatic gamut drop. Now in my new Epson Pro 3880 (vivid version) I changed again to and they have guaranteed me the ABW-mode is now perfect, which is true. Also until now after a few months usage I never had a single clog, which the older batch sometimes suffers from time to time.

Also the's PK is just superb in blackness, equivalent to the Inkjetfly PK, which I also have tested. So if you do not want any color cast in your ABW-mode, without any need to tweak the color wheel to counter any potential color shifts.

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