How Oly missed my boat

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Re: Apology is in order!

erichK looking back i'm sure I could have been more tactful with my approach to be honest
Mirorrless is not suitable for sports, wildlife and anything that can require capture in highly demanding scenario because trust me if it was I would be knee deep in it and so would many others but I don't understand the logic behind bending over backwards to try and make the wrong tool work when the right tool is out there and has been out there for ages, it's not new and it's not hip but it's called a DSLR and it just so happens to still be the right tool for many scenarios and that is why soo many of us if not MOST real photographers still use it as their primary tool. It's an old formula but it's one that still works the best.

Perhaps one day mirrorless will be ready but as of right now and even in the near future(unless they can defy physics and churn out bright small tele's) it's just not there and i'm puzzled as to why people are encouraging that route for this genre of shooting, it's not honest and it's not right.

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