ED 12-60 How do users rate this lens?

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Re: ED 12-60 How do users rate this lens?

Kevin Sutton wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I could not find a good enough camera for this lens, for my requirements, and more importantly I could not justify getting into what seems to be a dead-end system.

It is designed to be used with the E-5, which is still a current (and very good) camera.



Very good indeed in terms of body build and some other features, but in terms of IQ quite ordinary even when it was first launched.  The sensor performance is not current at all if it cannot compare really well with even entry level DSLRs or cheap compacts.  That's what I mean.  Sad that there are so many brilliant lenses in 43 but nothing in the way of a camera with decent IQ to use them well on.  I think there is some hope for lens owners, when Olympus indicated that they were working on a camera that will be compatible and apparently can AF these fine lenses properly.  My guess is that it will not be a E-7, but a large-size M43 camera using PDAF.

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