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Re: no, your rights can be compromised by posting here

Rdefen wrote:

I got a chuckle.  You point out what an agreement means and get essentially the response but that's not what we meant don't be a conspiracy theorist.

Whatever. Fix the agreement.

And I would push it further than you.  That sentence should not be written passively as if the content comes and goes on it's own whim.

It should say instead "until such time as you choose to have your content removed." And they can add whatever fudge language they need to account for the practicalities of removing the content. But it is clear user controls the decision and (general) timing and doesn't have to hunt elsewhere on the site to learn if user still has the ability to remove the content and, therefore, kick in the termination of the license.

In addition I have a problem with leaving "display activities" and "promotional" undefined but I'm not so bent out of shape if I can terminate the license. Although there must be some language elsewhere about existing or past "display activities" and "promotions" not being effected by any termination so I guess I do care.

Your comments are good ones, for one looking at this cold.

But all these questions have been thought over long and hard, and best practices settled, 7-10 years ago, as regards both forums and photography.

I'm not going to offer specifics fixes.  They do need to get some help.  It's humorous to consider whom they might hire to do the job.

The site has moved so many pieces at once, and shifted into damage control mode over their disastrous forum initiative.  When you point out their errors, more often than not, they throw back epithets, like 'conspiracy theorist'. Even when it's about legal.

utterly without class, or worse.

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