Opinion Poll: Weekly Olympus DSLR Only thread

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Opinion Poll: Weekly Olympus DSLR Only thread

As some or all of you know, there has been interest expressed by some to change the Weekly Olympus 4/3 DSLR thread to allow the inclusion or the Panasonic 4/3 DSLR bodies, thus making it the Weekly 4/3 DSLR thread instead.  I wish to state off the top that I personally have no strong feelings one way or the other.  If there were still other manufacturers of 4/3 cameras other than Olympus I believe I would favour retaining it as an Olympus DSLR Only thread in that it would curtail sniping that seems to be brought out by brand loyalty in a thread open to differing brands and mind sets that accompany that.  Below I have quoted my initial response to the query raised in the thread started by Jim (kernow) for some background.  The link to the thread in question is:


"Lou started the Weekly Olympus 4/3 thread. I believe there was some consultation on this with members of this forum at the time. I have no particular axe to grind and am generally an amiable sort. However, I do not wish to become embroiled in turmoil and will avoid it and this forum should it ensue.

I am open to suggestions and direction, but not argument or mean spirited comments by anyone directed at anyone. Friendly discussion is one thing and something I would encourage, but note the term friendly!!!

This Forum is the Olympus Talk forum. The description below the title clearly states Olympus DSLRs. Again, I have no axe to grind and really don't care much one way or the other if the few Panasonic 4/3 dslr users wish to participate in the Weekly Thread I currently host. Those owners are currently orphaned with regard to having a forum in which to participate. However, I will not take it upon myself to say that their inclusion in future threads is welcome.

So, convince me one way or the other. If the thumbs up/down were reliable, which it isn't unfortunately, we could do a poll. So the only way to move forward on this issue is really with those who regularly contribute to the thread in question to voice their opinion in words here, for or against. I can start a new thread stating that premise or just continue in this one.

So what shall it be???


I really have no interest what so ever in mean spirited behaviour and you may have noticed that I do my best to refrain from that type of activity. It is not accidental, but a matter of choice. Please respect my wishes not to venture down that road. Thank you in advance for taking this into consideration in your responses and suggestions. "

So, I guess what I am proposing is that each member voice their opinion in favour or opposed to the changing of the thread to "Weekly 4/3 DSLR" thread, no micro four thirds bodies to participate.  I don't know that a back and forth discussion is productive here, but you can try to convince me if you feel there is benefit.  So, I am suggesting you reply to this post with your choice:  inclusion allowed or sticking to the format Lou started with only Olympus 4/3 DSLRs allowed.  This does bring up the notion of whose opinions matter in this 'poll'.  Does the opinion of non posters in the thread matter to those who do post?   I don't have the answer, only the question.  There may be other questions to be addressed that I have not considered.

Please be respectful of others.  I also frequent the micro 4/3 forum.  There is a lot of activity there that I do not follow because life is too short to waste on what is being said or implied by some participants.  I won't go down that road, period!

Thank you in advance for being polite and civil and please do take the time to respond if you have an opinion to express in favour, against, or wish to abstain from either.


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