dp2m tough to get sharp photos

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Re: dp2m tough to get sharp photos

xpatUSA wrote:

theguyny wrote:

Since the dp2m has more mp into the same size sensor does this mean I need to have a faster shutter speed than the original dp2?

Theoretically, no, unless we include camera wobble as a criterion.

Plus, we should compare pixel pitch, rather than MP, and the difference isn't that great (8um vs. 5um?). Don't own either camera, so I can't give actual numbers. Anybody?

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Theory does not always pan out in the real world, case in point the d800e in going  to 36 mp + no aa filter   ( foveron 4.6 to 15mp ).  Nikon notes how technique will make a big difference in top quality ( sharp ) photos as any extra movement will degrade sharpness, negating the xtra sharpness no aa filter gives, I believe even the d800 has a similar warning. Foveron has no aa filter and one of its strong points is its per pixel sharpness and in tripling the mp count and shrinking the size of the pixel  any movement degrades said sharpness.

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