Copyright of images uploaded to DPR

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RaymondR wrote:

once DPR fixes the glitch that prevents users from deleting images, the license remains subject to the OPs termination at any time.

but of course they hadn't yet acknowledged the error or intention to fix when I chimed in.  and if you think immutability is a 'glitch', you're not a software guy.  it's a fundamental software design paradigm.

if they made this bug, either they have spent no time getting up to speed on the standard user agreements on photographic sites, are awash in "agile" programmers obsessed with "immutability" or they're just lying about their intent.

sorry, but i've seen too much to accept their motives are benevolent.

did you just see the migration of the dpreview system's identity to a wholly unrelated site?  the legal team of dpreview is missing in action.

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