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Re: no, your rights can be compromised by posting here

RaymondR wrote:

the question was, does the poster keep his copyright.  the answer is YES, the poster keeps his copyright.  so your "no" is the wrong answer.  DPR gets a license, only a license. you may make some valid points about the consequences of posting, but those consequences do NOT strip or in any way alter the poster's copyright ownership.  plus, the poster has notice of the consequences and shame on anyone who posts on the web without investigating the consequences first.

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This is a ridiculous splitting of hairs.

Unless you produce a work as an employee-for-hire, you always retain the copyright.  You can only license.  But to suggest this was the substance of the original question is sleight-of-hand by dpreview coders and managers who are dodging responsibility for  botching another fundamental element of the site.

Licenses 'strip' the copyright holders of rights all the time.  The 'upgraded' site by its license and the new immutability of postings stripped users of rights on what appears to be a permanent basis, a dramatic change from the old function.

the site changed the way it worked, amounting to a huge grab of rights that were formerly retained by the holder.  about this, they said nothing ahead of time.

dpreview is working on a 'fix', o.k, fine.

i hope they are also working on an apology.

calling users 'conspiracy theorists' is utterly classless.

you made a big screw up here.  own it.

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