The Sigma approach is finally getting the recognition due...

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Re: The Sigma approach is finally getting the recognition due...

gary mercer wrote:

Sigma is finally getting the recognition due with the release of the DP2M. All the attacks against Sigma are just background noise when you focus on the truth: Sigma has produced cameras that create the highest quality images possible. Nothing else matters.

No doubt that the highest quality images possible from APS-C come from Sigma equipment, but most people (even me, sometimes) don't want or need top quality.

These are the people that mostly use their cellphones for taking pictures (used to be point-and-shoot cameras but they are now displaced by cellphones).  As for me, I pull out my Fuji X10 when I want something quick and simple that delivers adequate image quality.

In my opinion, very high quality imagery will remain a niche market for the foreseeable future.  I think Sigma has this market cornered, but it's a very small market!

One volume possibility for Sigma might be in the videocam market, with a Foveon near-APS-C 1080x1920 HD imager and a nice zoom lens such as the 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM.  It could be a really versatile high quality videocam, maybe even a big seller.  Of course these pixels would be substantially bigger than those in the SD14/15 sensor, and much better in low light (due in part to the advances made in the Merrill sensor), so a small aperture zoom would work well under many conditions.  Not to mention the stills from such a videocam would all be perfect.

I wonder why Sigma has not pursued a videocam so far?

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