Did we concede this forum to D600?

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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In the beginning, there was only the D1. And it had its own

forum.  :).

D600 is a very well priced, well specified camera that is going to garner tons of sales.  No doubt, the D600 could stand on its own forum just fine and may even have more posts than a D4 and D800 forum combined.  Which is just fine.  The D4 does not need 200 topics per day.  Most of the owners are professionals and don't care what F2.8 zoom to get, they are interested in more advanced topics, so expect not as many, yet longer, threads in a D4 forum.  Just like the D1/D2 forum.

The D600 is going to be a healthy mix of pros and newcomers.  The pros will no doubt glean some of the technical tid-bits by browsing the D800/D4 forum (of which they may own a body or are interested in one) and can no-doubt help the green D600 owners with the finer points of owning a Nikon FX DSLR.

The point is to avoid clutter, which dpreview is failing at.  I own a D3 and a D800.  I have always been an advocate for a integrated grip pro forum and a half-body forum, but I was ok with a combined D4/D800 mashup.  Now I have to browse to what, page 3 or 4 to get to ONE topic discussing a D3 or D4 body?  ouch.

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