E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens?

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Re: E-M5 FW 1.5 reduces banding with the 20mm lens? Don't think so ...

Jozef M wrote:

Took this photo with the E-M5, latest fw and the 20mm, iso 3200, raw, and 2 stops underexposed. From about 150 photos I've made with this settings, 4 or 5 of them shows this severe ugly banding.
I know this is a difficult situation, very bad light. But it is just the event when you need the fast primes in the first place.
I feel I can't trust my gear no more, and I don't like that. Olympus isn't very talkative about this problem, maybe they like you to buy their new 17mm. Maybe they think if we shut up, ignore this problem, it goes away by itself.
Olympus, do something about this banding and be open, talk about it, is there a solution?

I experimented a bit further with the 20/1.7 on the E-M5 with the new firmware yesterday. And in a few shots, I did see some banding again. So, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be gone altogether. However, the far majority of the shots were just fine, just as in your case (you said 5 out of 150 bad), showing no more banding than I'd expect with any lens on the E-M5. As I have noticed before, the problem is not repeatable on a shot-to-shot basis. In most cases, everything is fine but in a few cases, the banding is there again.

Now my experiments were at ISO 6400, sometimes with significant underexposure. I would normally not go beyond ISO 3200 with proper exposure. So I am not all that troubled, particularly since the banding seems to appear rather infrequently. That said, it would of course be nice if Olympus could eliminate the problem altogether.

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