I'm thinking about switching to NEX from K5+

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Re: I'm thinking about switching to NEX from K5+

Babka08 wrote:

To make this relevant to the Pentax crowd, tell me why I shouldn't!

The #1 reason is for compactness. I switched from Sony/Minolta full-frame to Pentax K5 and limiteds etc for it's smaller size. But with the latest announcements from Sony re NEX cameras and lenses it's looking like their options will cover my needs save for a 100 macro.

I want to be able to have the camera with me all the time, and not hesitate to take it because of size or bulk. The NEX 6 is about half the size and weight of the K5. Their new 10-18 and 35/1.8 seem quite appealing. As does the zeiss 24/1.8 and 50/1.8. Not pancakes, but still light and small.

#2 is the general operation. I've found that I do in fact like using an LCD a fair bit for odd angles and such. And using more video than I used to, which I find cumbersome on the K5 (not a complaint as that's not its emphasis). I have a magnifier on my K5 to get a larger finder image, so the size of the NEX EFV seems attractive too.

Am I making any sense? Or making a mistake? (you're not allowed to tell me "it's your decision" even though you'd be right, which I already know, so you don't have to tell me, because I already know...)

I'm your typical enthusiast, and take a variety of shots. Emphasis on landscapes, travel, hiking. Then close ups and macro. Then people. 97% available light. Not much in the way of fast action or sports, or wildlife for that matter. I live in the mountains and am active.

As I said in another thread and in comparison to Pentax's dSLRs, the Sony NEX controls are non-intuitive at best.  To change settings, you're looking at more time to accomplish than you're used to with that K-5.

As for size, are you really downsizing enough to make a difference?  Lenses are the biggest components to most systems (except for some primes) so changing the body doesn't make the kind of difference that one would hope.  If a smaller "bring anywhere" camera is what you're after, I don't the NEX is going to do it, especially if you're hauling around the various lenses you mention.  I think you'll want to go smaller if that's your motivation for changing.

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