Did we concede this forum to D600?

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
xjassa Senior Member • Posts: 1,197
I feel bad for D3(x)(s) and D4 owners. Seriously, the

entire front page is "D600 recommended lenses" this and "Is my D800 focus bad" that.

The forum is very much like the D200 forum.  I was a D200 owner, so no disrespect intended, but at the same time I had a D2h, and the old "Pro Nikon" forum for the D2h, topics were MUCH MORE advanaced and technical, as to be expected.

DPR has really dropped the ball on this one.  I love hearing about the D600 and the D800, but sometimes I just want to hear but the D4 and I don't want to wade through 300 cat posts nor use an "advanced search" just to find Marinanne's topics on astrophotography or read other's techniques on how to utilize 3d tracking and maximize a phase-focus system for F1.4 lenses.

Is it that hard to have a Pro (D4), Consumer (D600) and Prosumer (D800/D700) forum like dpreview had with Nikon's DX class?

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