Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

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Re: Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

To be honest, it was trial and error, but with the benefit of some measurement. I just printed a 21-step grey wedge and eyeballed it at first. It's not that difficult to get close - the horizontal adjustment does the green/magenta axis and the vertical is the yellow/blue axis. After only three or four attempts I was pretty close visually, which is what really counts. I then measured the step-wedge to make the final adjustment.

I must say that those last tweaks made very little visual difference to the perceived neutrality. However, there are some benefits in being able to measure the step-wedges, namely the ability to make "ABW profiles". Even with Epson ink the linearity in ABW is not perfect - I know because I've measured half a dozen 3800/3880s. The "ABW profile" is the final step for me. But that's another story.

It doesn't worry me at all that I have to use a "non-zero" setting in ABW - it's saved as a preset along with paper thickness, media type etc, so no extra steps in the workflow. I suspect that the Epson "zero" settings are different for different paper types simply to match the paper white point, although I haven't tested that. I do know however that I need to change the yellow/blue setting for papers with/without OBAs - saved as more presets.

Maybe I am just lucky that the Inkjetfly inks don't produce any nasty chroma transitions. However, I previously used Conecolor and made that work pretty well too with ABW. I only switched because the IJF gave a better black.

I think that Epson have done a great job with ABW and that it's robust enough to support (good quality) third-party inks. Probably not what their aim was, but what the heck.....

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