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Re: It is Fuji who needs to be pestered, not the software developers

lnbolch wrote:

Again, Fuji has stated over and over, that they are working with third party developers. However, if the programmer does not have the math background to handle the concepts, all the help in the world won't matter. The fundamental mathematics behind the X-Trans has only existed for a very few years, and a programmer with a decade of experience, may lack the fundamental knowledge to even begin to understand it. It was not taught at the time they were in university, because it did not exist. 
Before there is a RAW converter running on our computers, there has to be a real person who understands the math well enough to apply it, then able to translate it into a computer language such as C++, and know the architecture of ACR well enough to roll it into the application. Once the code for this sensor is written and working, then subsequent generations should be not much more difficult to update than the Bayer array is now. Once written, code is fairly easy to modify. The challenge is in writing version 1.0 and getting it to work.

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I find that you exaggerate on the math part. I do not believe there is any kind of "fundamental" mathematics that did not existed before X-Trans.

Actually, the idea is very simple and elegant.  Anyone capable of understanding how Bayer filter works on the theoretical level is capable of figuring out how X-Trans color matrix works. It is much more difficult to decide how the matrix should be arranged, but once it is decided, the decoding is not that different. It is a little more complicated, but there is nothing really "fundamental" about it.

On top of that, it already has been done. The X-Trans RAWs are handled by ACR, and dcraw also supports them (at least, it is written so on the webpage of dcraw. BTW do you think Dave Coffin graduated in maths in last five years? I dare to doubt.). So even according to what you write, it "should be not much more difficult to update than the Bayer array is now".

Coming back  to original problem, I would like to point out, that not only X-Trans files are not supported by Photosmith, but also good old Bayer CFA from X100 - they do not support RAF in general. Why? Even if they had problems with X-Trans, for X100 it should have been a piece of cake. The guys from Photosmith simply perceived Fuji cameras as niche, and not  worth investing any work in it because of low demand, while there are other things to do.  Quite understandable. They got some requests, but not enough to justify the effort. If they feel there is a demand, they might decide to do it.

So I just wanted to let them know that there is a growing number of people, who might be interested in having RAW support for RAF.

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