Lets get back to business

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Lets get back to business

I have been ignoring "that" thread which seems to have a life of it's own and refuses to die, even Joel must be sick of it.

An interesting point was brought up in it by "OttoUnion" aout new store in his city.

(Again excuse the typo's etc as this is a new thread and I cannot see a cursor on my iPad)

The main point was that the products were billed "Pentax, a Ricoh company" with no Ricoh products to be seen.  Questionig showed little interest in selling a Ricoh cameras and they were only to be had through "selected US outlets". This sounds a little bulls to excuse the abbreviated good old Australian word of emphasis.  Ricoh never had much of a marketing presence in the US although there might be some smlla sign of life there.  To my understanding Ricoh has raationalised its distribution of Ricoh and Pentax products in Australia at least but still treats the Ricoh camera product as separate.  Granted there is not much sign of Ricoh in the shops, but they are still sold.  It is up to retailers to carry them and the mere availability to be bought is not good enough to make them ubiquitous.

Digital cameras are goign through a period of rationalisation IMHO and as general camera specialist retail outlets diminish the emphasis is on electronic goods stores as the place to buy cameras and they are only interested in mass-market pap.  Even top of the range dslr gear is not in the elecronic goods stores and as specialist camera retailers shrink and then disappear one might think that pro-level dslr cameras are "finished" just as much as the lack of the specialised Ricoh cameras might not be a good look for Ricoh generally.

It is well-known that when a retailer is not stocking a product you request you get quite inventive responses.  I have heard everything from poor warranty support, "no good", "not reliable", don't make them any more, and a thousand wonderous responses.  Now a new one: "Ricoh are only going to sell them in the USA".

So this is not composed as well as I wold like, but I am not going to try and correct it by "guessing" the cursor position and counting back from there - even I have my limits (grin).

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