Is there at least one happy Fuji P&S camera shooter?

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Re: I am very happy with my Fuji 750EXR!

CAcreeks wrote:

DS21 wrote:

I agree about better colors and brighter shadows (but at the cost of frequent overexposure, F200 was almost impossible to overexpose). My main concerns are as follows: usability for city night shooting (F550 was unusable because of flare), macro focusing ability on smooth textured objects (like skin, leather or fabric, again F550 very problematic), auto WB performance in mixed or incandescent lighting (F200 good, F70 great, F300 good, F550 mediocre or poor) and IS performance compared to, say, Canon SX230 (again F550 pretty poor). Is there any improvement on F750 in these areas, otherwise I can't see it replacing the F200 (or even F70) as an all-around compact to have with you all the time.

Veiling glare is improved versus my F550, but point-source kaleidoscope flare is not.

The F750 focuses closer without use of macro mode, and faster. I don't know whether it can focus on smooth surfaces.

The IS seems to work at the long end (500mm equivalent), which surprised me, but I am not sure how well it will work in the field.

Overall I like it better than the F200EXR. And as I have often stated over the years, I am an EXR fanboy. Compared to my friends who shoot Bayer-pattern cameras, I love the way EXR retains highlights in whitewater and cumulus clouds. Canon P&S models are the worst in that regard, so I never even looked at the SX230.

Thanks, I guess I will have to stay stuck in the SCCD EXR land, because I can't get over that kaleidoscope flare effect. XF1 seems interesting, but 100 mm max zoom is too short after F200, and 6 MP still does not leave much room for cropping.

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