Would you rather have an X-Pro1 or an X-E1?

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Marathonianbull wrote:

I, too, lean towards the X-Pro 1 partly due to its OVF, but have read a few times that ths eat feature is a real DUST CATCHER. Is it true? If so, is it extremely not sealed at all!? Would very much get this fear out of the way before purchase. Not a huge flaw per se, no impact on IQ mind you, but I suffer from The Perfect Camera Fetichism Syndrom, and because of this little 'dust under LCD/inside viewfinder' problem'', have even sold my entire Sony Alpha gear in a previous life!

No dust in mine after a month, nor in my X100 after 15 months. However I do have some dust in the viewfinder of my weather sealed Canon 7D!

I wouldn't be surprised if dust does get in, but as long as tons don't appear regularly I'm happy to pay to have it removed.  I've come to look at cameras a little like cars, and get them cleaned and serviced every couple of years.

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