Did we concede this forum to D600?

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Re: Did we concede this forum to D600?

Ron E Trees wrote:

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

I'm not going to get all proscriptive about where the D600 naturally belongs, I just don't think it should be here as the first part of the conversation - what are your thoughts 

I am new to this forum because of the D600, but that does not mean that I am new to photography. But since I have the D600, I may not be as knowledgeable about photography as you and I sure may not know anything about 'really advanced stuff'. Whatever "stuff" is. That is probably an advanced term that I can't possibly understand!  Am I reading into your post wrong? Thanks for making me and possible other D600 owners feel welcomed.


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This forum has changed very quickly. And the rate of postings has slowed down a lot. Gone are the characters like ScottMac bemoaning the fact that Nikon doesn't have a high mp,  HD video, affordable SLR. A lot of the complaint postings have ceased. A lot of the very technical threads are gone too. I suspect that a lot of people have just shut up and are out shooting (Or went to other forums). And while D600 owners may not be new to photography, some of the questions are age old questions that could easily be answered by a search or in a more appropriate forum (which lens for my D???, for example). I will say this; while currently satisfied with my set up, I sure wish I was in the market for a D600. The enthusiasm for its IQ that I'm reading about is infectious. And, what I do see is a lot more of is actual photo postings vs the complaint threads of what Nikon isn't doing. That is for sure s welcome change.

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