Received my RX100 - realise Canon's Strengths.

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Re: Received my RX100 - realise Canon's Strengths.

Don_D wrote:

peterharvey wrote:

Geez, I just found out that the RX100 indeed does have a delete button just like Canons.

The RX100's delete button is actually the "?" button on the bottom right. To the lower right of the "?" button is a very feint rubbish bin delete icon - how's that for Sony's poor ergonomics? Canon places the delete function on the big 7-way navigation button; the RX100 places the delete as a secondary function of the lower right button, but so poorly labeled, it requires a third look before I realised it was there...

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this button placement or icon.  To the contrary, it is a dedicated button (not a secondary function) placed just right at the bottom next to the display button...very handy. appears to me that you have taken a stand against the "Sony poor ergonomics" and are now trying to justify it by nit-picking.

I'm sorry, but there is a difference between a true ergonomic flaw that will nag you forever and someone's problem getting acquainted with a new camera.

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The placement of the "delete" icon on the RX100 is indeed ergonomically poor for several reasons. Even as I look at the delete icon now, the problem is that the icon is very small in size, very fine in print, and it has been stamped on the curved outside edge of the body of the camera - thus it is not immediately visible. Good ergonomics is about man and machine, and labeling in such a way that it is immediately visible to the user.

On another matter, notice how on the Canons, the Playback button turns playback on and off, with the lens retracted, and if we turn the on/off switch at the top, the lens immediately protrudes. On the RX100, pressing Playback will turn on playback, but pressing Playback again will cause the lens to  protrude and come to life. On playback, we must press the on/off to switch the camera off. While protruded, pressing Playback does not cause the lens to retract. It's only a small point, but the Canon design is smarter.

It seems to me that the Sony RX lacks the many "finer" ergonomic design features taken for granted in a Canon. However, the RX100 certainly does excel in performance. Now that I place it side by side with my Ixus 960IS, the RX100 is hardly bigger in size, yet darn heavier in weight; the RX100 is a true pro's compact. However the old 2008 Ixus 960 titanium finish with polished chrome overlay looks expensive and jewelry like...

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