Wow, Moose Peterson recommends the D600 over the D800.

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Re: iTTL vs iTTL-BL

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The classic example would be a model in the foreground with a backdrop - lets say a city-scape at dusk. To get the model to "stand out" you would underexpose for the ambient background by about 2 stops, and just let the flash do it's thing with no negative FV comp. (or just a touch) to light the model. And you can rock shutter speed back and forth to move the level of ambient exposure up or down if you are in in manual mode.  Any EV comp you dial in over this setup lays over both FV comp and the "apparent" manual meter setting - that's what I was referring to above.

So if you are correct, I can put a D800 in A mode, set exp comp on the camera to -2, set exposure comp on the flash (an SB900) to +2, turn BL on the flash off, and get a "neutral" exposure resulting on the flash... I'd swear I tested that long ago and found it did not work. But I'll try it again. Of course even if it does work, you can skip past the counterintuitive math by having e4 enabled on cameras that have it.

Works on My D300, D7000 and D800.  I think it worked on my D70 too.

OK, so I do get a valid exposure on my D800 if I follow the steps I noted above (with BL off), but the  reason this is still not a good workaround is that if you move your camera's exp comp in an upward direction the result will be a blown out exposure (due to the flash), because the ambient and flash exposures are still effectively merged into one. This means that each time you touch the camera's exp comp you must also have the time to pull the camera away from your face and change the separate comp on the flash. That is why e4 option as on the D4 is so superior, because changing the camera's comp to anything within reason will still result in a valid  exposure no matter what, because you don't have the flash unnecessarily jacked up.

I have to agree with Moose and Joe McNally that e4 is huge, and I am disappointed every day that Nikon does not release a firmware update for the D800 to put this more expensive camera on equal footing with the cheaper D600. Of course it will probably never get equal footing on WiFi or EyeFi, where the D600 will perpetually trounce it. If I was a WiFi oriented photog and had purchased the D800 I would be pi$$ed.

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Increasing ambient exposure by decreasing your shutter speed has no effect on your flash so, no, Nikons CLS will do just fine.

In reality, the e4 setting on the D4 andD600, by disconnecting the camera from the flash, gives you an extra 2 stops of flash. Important to Moose and McNally under specialized circumstances but not to 99.99% of the rest of us.  Never heard any hue and cry about this until now.

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