Lumedyne signature series 400ws power pack problem

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marques Lamont Contributing Member • Posts: 561
Re: Lumedyne signature series 400ws power pack problem

Are you using a light meter or your camera's histogram?

I have a 400 watt Lumedyne kit.  A 200 watt pack + a 200 watt booster, hence 400 watts but I never even use the booster. I didn't notice any difference in power from 200 and 400 watts at first because my light meter was off. I don't think it was giving a full stop more power either, maybe 2/3 of a stop. But I got the booster for 50 dollars used anyway. I never sent it in for repair because I never use it.

You can send Lumedyne an email and send it in and see what happens. They do have good repair service but it will cost you. You may be looking at $100+ or so. But first, make sure it isn't your meter. If you have an old booster on your pack, make sure the button is switched on on the booster.

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