Excellent Korean A99 review with good raw samples

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Re: Excellent Korean A99 review with good raw samples

My post was not a sweeping statement but an old joke.  A quick search of the internet under the terms"Americans" & "foreign language" produced a recent article in the Huffpost Arts & Culture by Alan Elsner in which he wrote about Americans and foreign languages.  Some interesting facts included the 2007 census bureau's finding that less than 20% of Americans spoke a second language and they were mostly immigrants or children of immigrants.  He also stated that 44% of Europeans don't speak a second language and although that is considerably better than the U.S., it is still a sizable minorty.  He also quotes my old joke and  mentioned that Barack Obama admitted in 2008 that he does not speak a second language.  So if Mr. Columbia University, Harvard Law, constitutional law professor, President of the United States didn't bother to learn a second language then I guess I don't feel too badly about my lack of education.

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