Early review and comparison of the X-E1 to previous models

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Re: Early review and comparison of the X-E1 to previous models

/// I have also never been a big fan of the OVF and welcomed the higher resolution of the X-E1 EVF. The OVF used to gather dust like crazy and my finger seemed to land right on it every time I would pick up the camera...///

That would be the ONE flaw which could keep me from getting an X-Pro1 instead of an X-E1, even if I care for the extra OVF; is it THAT bad!?

/// The EVF lag is still present but minimal...///

Is it a bit like the E-M5,  slightly slower, or much slower? How about color accuracy of this newer EVF?

/// The Flash is nice to have and can be raised up with your finger for bounce effect. I find this a very underrated feature...///

So true, even if it's just for that one crucial moment once a year!

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