Did we concede this forum to D600?

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Re: Did we concede this forum to D600?

It's the newest camera, that's why. It's also going to be the most popular since it is affordable.

Last year this place was mostly d700 owners, but when the d800 was announced/released, EVERY thread was about the d800 - poor availability, should I get the E version or not, are my lenses going to suck on the d800, will the high ISO suck, repeat repeat repeat. Then we had a few months of autofocus issues, which seem to have cooled down now. And everybody complained about everybody else only talking about the d800.

And now we have d800 owners complaining about too many d600 threads. It's the nature of new gadgets. Everyone gets into a frenzy for a while. In another six months, when all of the cameras are "old", normality will be restored.

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