Ranking members is nonsensical

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Re: Ranking members is nonsensical

dholl wrote:

phill104 wrote:

Not everyone is used to threaded forums, most forums in internetty world are chronological. Threaded forums in the opinion of many are a recipe for missing lots of good information. That is going off topic a bit though.

I opened a thread once in off-topic about "flat vs threaded".  What is interesting is that the really militant passionate posts came from those who advocate "threaded", and those who just want to read a thread in easy chronological order stated their case in more relaxed tones.

It is interesting I agree. I must admit when I first came here it did take a bit of getting used too. I also notice the same as yourself that the threaded foruns can be more intense/passionate and the flat view forums tend to have more humour.  seems the same wherever I see ( and in many cases run, I run quite a few) forums. Maybe the threaded view slows people down and makes them think more about what they are posting.

oh, and many thanks to dpreview for updating the forums today so they now work in the iPad from which I am posting this.

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