Which 24-70 lens would you buy in the next 2 months?

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Re: Which 24-70 lens would you buy in the next 2 months?

One more thing to take into consideration is that the zeiss 24-70 will allow 100% use of all the a99 features and the others will not (new focusing system). We may see additional features (that we haven't considered) in the future as well that may present additional comparability issues with lenses. As the cz24-70 is a very important lens in Sony's lineup I would imagine that it will be more likely to maintain 100% compatibility for years to come.

My experience has been that I keep lenses for many many more years then bodies, therefore I typically want one that will fit well into my system for as long as possible and I also can spread the cost of ownership over more years. For example I purchased a new Minolta 80-2002.8 apo over 20 years ago for about $1,000.00. It has performed perfectly this entire time and I could probably sell it today for $700-$800. I have bodies that I paid well over $1,000.00 for that are many years newer as well as have seen much less use and I can't sell them for $200.00.


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