LR4/CS6 with Kodak files?

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Re: LR4/CS6 with Kodak files?

AlexeyD wrote:

On your D800 try to shoot near saturation point  (not the specular lights of course) and the recover details. Do the same on Kodak and then compare the results colour wise  - you may be in for some interesting discoveries about what D800 does not do so well.

Ok, will try at some point (really busy at the moment though).

Care to share your findings though? It wouldn't surprise me if the SLRn does allow a little more highlight recovery. I always found that the metering was biased for this (again, surprising given how poor the shadow noise is). Or are you talking about something like banding/posterisation ??

If you want to see a modern camera that's pretty incredible for this though, try and Oly EM5. They have pretty much set it to underexpose by one full stop less than normal. Headroom recovery is really excellent.


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