Let's encourage to support Fuji RAW

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Re: Let's encourage to support Fuji RAW

Well, just in case I redo my original post, so there should be fewer misunderstandings....

There is nice application for using both iPad and Lightroom in the workflow:

Photosmith to be found at http://www.photosmithapp.com/

The developers of Photosmith wrote on their website about the reason for not supporting Fuji RAW:

"This is because the RAF format is drastically different than the other major raw formats and we’ve had very few requests to support it."

So why not give them (the developers of Photosmith) an encouragement they need?

Do not spam poor guys , but if you are going to use their application, send them a request they want;-)

Or maybe better and more friendly for the developers of Photosmith, just reply here, and in a few days someone will send them a link to this discussion, so the developers of Photosmith can see the demand  themselves.

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