A65 less sharp than A35

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Re: A65 less sharp than A35

tbcass wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

That is, basically, outrageous. Why is no one else jumping on them for this? Why can't it be a simple firmware update? You've got to buy an a77 or better just to get a camera that will release when you need it to?

Probably because few people want it or miss it when it's not there. Sure some may find it useful and there should be an option for those that want it. I had a camera that had it. I turned it on and found that I got more OOF shots that I had to delete so I turned it off. I hate OOF shots so I would rather have no photo than an OOF one. I would be willing to bet that most people feel that way.

Fine, but it's like this: You are shooting all of the wedding party as they are announced through the door. The reception hall is the usual dark, romantic horrible room. The bride and groom finally show up, they step into the perfect frame, you press the shutter, and....

...you guessed it. No shot, in focus or out. I'm thinking that it would have been in, because the other shots were the same distance, but now I have to stage their entrance shot later, to great embarrassment.

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