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Re: Not sure why you're making it difficult for yourself

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

esco wrote:

Canikon are really the only ones that have a worthy enough af to be used by sports and wildlife professionals.

Another completely pointless post.  Is this just trolling?  As I have said already today on another post on the micro 4/3s forum, none of us need telling that if we have big cameras and big lenses we can take very good pictures.  A lot of us however have many other criteria to consider, price, ergonomics, weight, size etc.  And for us Oly have gone furthest to meeting those criteria, although admittedly they aren’t anymore

To say that 4/3s shooters don’t shoot action or wildlife suggests that you have never participated in this forum.  I’m proud of what I have achieved and given those aforementioned criteria I don’t believe any other manufacturer would have given me a better solution.

I have lots of Canikon acquaintances who do no better than me and admittedly there are also those who do much better than me but they pay for it with a failure to meet my criteria and nearly always with price.

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My thoughts exactly Trevor! Well said. All I need/want is some of the improved features that I can see in the OMD-EM5 in a format that allows me to use my existing glass. It shouldn't be that difficult to achieve! If I wanted to use Canon I would borrow my OH's 30D for my safaris, but I prefer the smaller form factor of the E-620 and 50-200 /1.4 combo and I think it actually compares pretty well with what other travelling companions have achieved with their 1D whatevers (well I have received some pretty nice compliments from other safari goers who are quite impressed with what our little 4/3 cams can achieve).

Sorry if that came out a bit harsh but it's just frustrating to be told to buy canikon when we fully know that we don't want to go down that route because we can see a better way if only Oly would pull their finger out.

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