Options for Hypersync with canon 5D II & Elinchrom or Einstein

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Re: Options for Hypersync with canon 5D II & Elinchrom or Einstein

69chevy wrote:

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

69chevy wrote:

I am fully convinced that the crazy fast flash of the Einstein unit will offset the need for a faster shutter. Have you seen this ad?

That's not true if you're shooting in brighter light. In a dark studio it will work but if you're shooting outdoors in bright sunlight (sunny 16 rule = 1/125 at F16) you will need a faster shutter speed regardless of the flash. I am using the flash just for fill in this case but being limited to 1/125 with my elinchrom setup leads to ghosting for action shots. If I could bump up to 250 or 320 this would be minimized somewhat.

Ok, I see what you are after. I just lift shadows when I shoot youth football.

May I ask what you are shooting that requires fill flash, and is fast paced, in direct sunlight?

It's not the shadows I'm trying to eliminate, it's the ghost movement from having an action shot with the slow shutter speed.

Outdoor sports/dance/action shots against  beach or city scapes is what I'm shooting.

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