Getting Lumix 12-35: keep 20mm f1.7?

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Re: Getting Lumix 12-35: keep 20mm f1.7?

You might want to keep the 20 1.7 if size is a significant factor and you plan to buy a small m43s body to use it on - for smaller form factor.

Related:  My wife and I currently shoot with GH2s and sold a 25 1.4 and a 12 2.0 to fund a 12-35.

The 12-35 is close to the speed of the 12 2.0 and has more flexibility; although larger.

We appreciate the 12-35 and have not yet missed the speed of the 25 1.4.

The size of the 25 1.4 is close enough to the 12-35 that that also was a wash to us and weight increase didn't matter.

It was the right decision for us; YMMV.

ATT:  We do not plan to buy a small m43s body or a high-end enthusiast compact like the Panny LX7 or Sony RX-100, but will stay with the GHx Series - and use an iPhone and travel cam (similar to a Panny ZS Series) for everything in between.

We are not brand loyal.

The 12-35 is $1099 U.S.

Nice lens.

Hope that personal perspective helps.

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