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Not sure why you're making it difficult for yourself

Canikon are really the only ones that have a worthy enough af to be used by sports and wildlife professionals. It's not because they have the best marketing or because people are biased, it's because their systems actually work really really well in this regard and it's been this way ever since af was introduced in the film era. They've had all of these years to cultivate what they now have today and nobody else comes close, not even pentax or sony. I'm not sure if ibis or jpegs should be what's dictating the system you buy imho.
Mirrorless is nice as a travel camera or for hobbies or for static subjects and sure it can do some action but it's not what i'd consider the right tool and so I believe you'll be frustrated once again. If you're looking for a significant improvement than go for the gusto and quit making it difficult for yourserlf because it'll cost you time and money to switch systems once again and it'll sting that much more since you knew the answer in the first place. You could take a prosumer dslr from canikon even from 2,3,4 generations ago and it's af will still exceed the best 4/3 or m4/3 has to offer without a doubt, as much as people would not like to admit or even believe - the big two are on a whole other level when it comes to af.
The other thing you have to consider here, and I don't mean this to offend anyone but there aren't many action shooters here. A huge portion of 4/3 users were never sports shooters and thus a huge portion didn't have a problem converting to m4/3's nor the af and telephoto/zoom hinderences that the format brings. Many of them never saw or understood or cared why people were complaining about the af-woes that plagued olympus bodies and that's fine since their needs were met but it's something to think about, it's not the only reason but it's why many jumped ship - oly's lack of commitment to the system and financial woes were just more reasons to make it easier.

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