dp2m tough to get sharp photos

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Re: dp2m tough to get sharp photos

theguyny wrote:

Hey all,

Just received my dp2m yesterday and have to say the af is lightning fast compared to my original dp2, but I am having a tough time getting keepers. Since the dp2m has more mp into the same size sensor does this mean I need to have a faster shutter speed than the original dp2? Out of the 30-40 shots I took I was only able to get 1 or 2 that were razor sharp. I understand its too early to tell and I just need to get reaquainted with the dp line again. I have been shooting 5dmk2 for about a year now.

Heres a quick pic that shows the amazing power of foveon. Not the best photo of me:) Also included is a pic with the original dp2 handheld at 1/50th which is a speed I was getting a lot of great photos with.


(oh just realized the dp2m is a 30mm and the dp2 is a 24)

Original dp2 1/50th iso 200 handheld

Due to the higher mp count/density you may not see ultimate sharpness at slower shutter speeds hand held like you could on the older models try a tripod and or a flash and see what happens. Sharpness is not one of the things the dp2m lacks in.

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