Couple Of Questions On The RX100

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Re: Couple Of Questions On The RX100

The photos, when open in Photoshop, were very underexposed.  About a month ago, I let a friend use my computer as his computer was down.  Talking to him last night and he told me he didn't like how the monitor looked and changed the setting to make it more like his monitor.  He didn't know that my monitor had been color calibrated.
To give an idea what I was talking about, if you were to take a landscape photo with your RX100, then view the results on the camera.  Then go to Menu and change the LCD Brightness on the camera to Manual -2.  This was about what I was seeing when the photo was opened in Photoshop.  Color calibrated my monitor and now it's much, much better.  All is good in the world again.

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