Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Re: Thoughts about D800E

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

One thing to consider about Nikon and this is something I have happily discovered, is that all past Nikon lenses will work on any Nikon model. There are some truly wonderful "old" Nikon glass that is really cheap (often under $200). There is an amazing array of older lenses that are terrific. Whereas Canon has changed its mount at times in the past and FD lenses need an adapter. So your choice is really only the current production and much higher prices.


If your idea of a "working" lens is one that is able to be mounted, then, sure, the vast majority of Nikon lenses will work on any Nikon model. In reality, AI/AI-S models–those legions of manual focus lenses made from 1977 through present (yep, some are still in production and can be purchased brand new), not to mention the original F lenses, are rendered largely useless on cameras lacking an aperture indexing (AI) tab. That would be all Nikon SLRs not intended for professional usage–which are a lot of them. Such cameras can mount most AI lenses (a few shouldn't be mounted because of physical incompatibilities), but the meters do not function at all, so an external light meter (or one's experience) must be relied upon. (Ironically, those same AI/AI-S lenses can be used with full stop-down metering via adapter on any Canon EOS body.)

What's more, even in terms of autofocus, there are limitations upon what lenses can be used with full function on what bodies. The last couple generations of Nikon entry level cameras have lacked in-body AF motors, so any non-AF-S lenses (AF and AF-D) will not autofocus at all.

To be sure, Nikon has done an impressive job of training to maintain compatibility among its oldest and most recent gear, but it's an outright fallacy to say "all past Nikon lenses will work on any Nikon model." I'm afraid it's simply not the case!

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