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hifiducati wrote:

I just received my shipping confirmation, I will be a proud owner of my first Sigma camera by the end of the week. Actually, this will be my first Sigma product ever...

Does anyone know if any of the full size flashes work with the DP2M?  I want a flash that can bounce and the little accessory flash doesn't.  I think I've heard that I can use my Nikon flashes in manual mode.

see Gary Mercer's post http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50075037

also I've used a Sigma EF 500 for Sigma on the DP2Merrill ... although all these full-size flashes are physically much larger and heavier than the camera itself. Very ungainly IMHO.

Also IMHO I wouldn't use a Nikon flash on the camera ... I wouldn't use my Canon flash on the DP2Merrill. Whether it would or not, I wouldn't risk 'frying' something on the camera with a Nikon or Canon flash.

Best regards, Sandy
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