Oly 12mm vs Pana 12-35, don't always understand

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Re: Oly 12mm vs Pana 12-35, don't always understand

markymark101 wrote:

I own the 12mm.  I bought it before the 12-35 came out as the 12-50 kit lens did not do it for me, and I neeed something wide for landscapes.

I don't know squat about how they measure MTFs, but Lenstip shows the 12mm considerably sharper than the 12-35, but the 12-35 is very good.   I think they were both measured on a 12mp camera.

My thought on the 12mm: I like it;  it takes nice pics;  it's sharp;  it's a bit brighter at f2;  and it's tiny, which is one of the reasons I got into M43 in the first place.  However, is it worth $800????, I'm not so sure on that.  It's got major distortion on the RAW file, which is mostly corrected in LR4.  It's not as quite as sharp as the oly 45mm, which is a considerably less expensive lens.   And no hood - an $800 lens that doesn't come with a hood?

I don't think I'd trade the 12mm prime for the zoom now, I'm actually enjoying shooting with primes, and for my shooting I rarely need to take the 12mm off the camera.  However, if I were starting from scratch, I might opt for the 12-35 over the 12mm.

Based on the numbers posted at Lensrentals.com, which I trust more than most other review sites, the 12/2 should be better.  The one that I got, however, is very noticeably inferior to two other lenses I own, the 12-35/2.8 and the 7-14/4.   I have ordered a second 12/2 and hope that it will perform the way most reviews suggest...but note that it took Jordan at Admiringlight.com three tries to get a 12/2 that performed as expected.

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