Excellent Korean A99 review with good raw samples

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Re: Excellent Korean A99 review with good raw samples

remylebeau wrote:

jonikon wrote:

The examples images shown in this Korean review do not look of good quality. They have a small area of good center sharpness that deteriorates quickly away from dead center, which is surprising at some of the apertures used. The overall detail and sharpness of these particular a99 images are not up to full frame standards. The question is: Why?

- Jon

Says your infallible and completely objective eyes? lol. please.

Jonikon is the classic troll, below is what he wrote to me after I expressed my opinion on a Nikon forum, keep in mind that I'm a Nikon owner for over 25 years

"You are a typical Sony fanboy hateful of anything Nikon. Please take your hate back to the Sony forums where you will be welcomed with open arms as a defender of the Sony faithful.  "

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