Advice on lenses for America trip

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Re: Advice on lenses for America trip

RGBaker wrote:

I'm surprized that so many would discount the value in a telephoto -- my own experience is that longer lenses deliver an important perspective.  Historically, cameras were delivered with (converted to APSC for convenience) 35mm lenses, and the most popular additional lens was an 85mm followed by a 24mm.  When zooms evolved to offer decent quality, a zoom in the 55-135mm range became the most popular telephoto option & 18mm wide angles became affordable.  I have in fact travelled extensively with exactly that kit -- leaving the wider 16mm and 12mm lenses at home for more 'specialized' work.  My own choice today would be to leave the 18-200 attached to the camera for most outdoor work, and carry a 35 for use indoors and for portraits.  That would be a compact and convenient kit that would cover the range that my vastly more expensive and hugely heavier Nikon F2 35mm kit bag would have covered thirty years ago.
But your interests and tastes may be quite different than mine.  A glance at your travel plan shows you are seeing a lot of 'open country', with little time in the older and more urban East Coast.  You suggest you'd rather travel with the 16 and the adapter -- I repeat that my own experience is that a telephoto is more useful than just the suggested 'wildlife photography'.  I've been taking pictures for a long time, and never bothered with wildlife, except of the two legged kind ...


I agree totally. When i first got into dslrs in 2007, i just had to buy a UWA zoom lens.  Now i don't use them at all.  I play around with selling the occasional picture in a local shop.  Its almost always the pictures from my Pentax K5/50-135 zoom lens that folks buy - 13 pieces so far this year.  I don't know if its me thats most comfortable with that range, or if the public likes the look of that range. But i do accept that photographers vary a lot in what they like to shoot and what lenses they prefer.  I'll be using my nex when it arrives to supplement my DSLR.  For sure i'll be using some manual primes in the 50-135 area to get me back into that sweet range for me.

There are a lot of open spaces in USA.  Personally, i would not go on such a trip without one longer tele to carry along.  But if you are more into the urban scene and sidewalk stuff, then i can understand.  Just use what you like and enjoy your trip.  Good luck!!!

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