Lufthansa. Airbus A380. Sony NEX and 18-200LE

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
MichaelNY1965 OP Regular Member • Posts: 147
Re: Lufthansa. Airbus A380. Sony NEX and 18-200LE

D Cox wrote:

200mm f/4 lenses are quite common (I have an excellent Nikkor from the 1980s), and f/2.8 lenses exist at a price. But they are manual focus.

The most important thing at these long lengths is to use a high shutter speed. You will get sharper results at ISO 800 than at 100, for this reason.

Hi. I would like to, but with all my love to NEX7, I don't trust it higher than 400 ISO. It is to noisy for my taste.

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