Sony Action Cam with Wifi, A Basic Review (Motorsport Use)

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Re: Sony Action Cam with Wifi, A Basic Review (Motorsport Use)

Yes what you explain is very strange as in my experience and I have a few other friends with these as well...they all work as intended with iPhone 5 running the latest version of the app which I believe on my phone was updated once only so far.  You mention that you have to type in the password to connect each time perhaps if you set the wifi to remember passwords that might work?  (I am sure you tried that already).

As far as the headphone input you are talking about the one once you open the flap?  That is the worst place to put an input...almost as bad as the HDMI out on the RX100.  It's almost useless there - actually it is useless there how do you even mount this thing with the flap open??

And btw nice smooth driving!  That track reminds me of the infield config at California Speedway although it looks like you dip out onto the outer track twice, looks like a ton of fun.  I should have some test footage in my Lotus at Willow or wherever I can get out to next as well as on my kart in a bit.  Does the built in microphone not work well inside the case?  My problem is my track car is too loud on the inside as well so it usually blows out the audio.

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